Ways to Minimize Walt Disney World “Meltdowns”

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Walt Disney World is a great place to escape reality and make incredible memories. The experience comes with such high expectations that almost any bump in the road will cause more stress and dissatisfaction than it would in one’s everyday life. It can seem like the most trivial things can change the mood of anyone or everyone in the party. I would like to say that we have figured out all of the answers on how to keep these things from happening but unfortunately there is no such remedy. Meltdowns will happen. These meltdowns will not only occur with the children in the party. Walt Disney World has a way of bringing the child out in all of us and with this also comes some childish expectations and behaviors. What we can do as adults is plan accordingly in the hopes that these preparations can help us to curb the meltdowns that inevitably await us on our fairy tale trip to Walt Disney World. What follows are issues we have encountered that have led to meltdowns. From personal experiences I will share what we have found to help in those situations. I will also share what I believe to be the main reason for adults to have meltdowns. This you will need to wait for until the end. It is at that point that you should realize that everything that I have mentioned up until that point really is only an issue because%2

via Ways to Minimize Walt Disney World “Meltdowns”.

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