Recreating Disney Dining at Home: Liberty Tree Tavern


Living so close to Walt Disney World means that we actually spend less time dining in Walt Disney World restaurants than when we would visit a few times a year. We are so close and yet we rarely want to spend the money that it takes to dine there or have a hard time getting a reservation. I thought to help with this frustration I would do my best to inexpensively recreate the food from different Walt Disney World restaurants. It will definitely not be the same experience as dining in the restaurant due to Walt Disney World’s amazing theming and guest service. The quality will surely be inferior as well but bringing a little magic to your home is never a bad thing.

My first attempt would be Liberty Tree Tavern at Magic Kingdom. We absolutely love this restaurant so I thought this would be the perfect place to start!  After researching online, mainly at the Disney Food Blog, I had recipes and a grocery list ready and headed off to the grocery store.  The total amount I spent on the meal, including dessert, was $19.64.  This didn’t include some staple ingredients like eggs, butter, sugar, etc.  That ended up being a total of $4.91 for each member of our family.  So the price was right, now to see if I could turn it into a great meal!


IMG_2370 IMG_2373 IMG_2368 IMG_2369

So I only chose one meat and that was the turkey.  You may also notice the absence of mashed potatoes.  Who forgets mashed potatoes in a Thanksgiving themed meal? This guy!  My family was nice enough not to mention it but I feel ashamed this morning as I notice.  I think that they were more interested to skip past the dinner and head straight for dessert anyway.  One of our favorite desserts, if not our favorite, is Johnny Appleseed’s Cake that is served at Liberty Tree Tavern.

IMG_5049 IMG_2372

Disney version on the left of course and mine on the right.

Even though there were some errors in the execution I still was happy with the results.  It was fun!  Sure the meal looks just like a meal that I would regularly prepare but tying it to a Disney restaurant made it that much more fun. As Disney does I will just need to keep improving and eventually I will have perfected my version of Liberty Tree Tavern.

Click here for full menu for Liberty Tree Tavern Dinner

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