Don’t Be Afraid of The Haunted Mansion

I am going to go on record saying that The Haunted Mansion is my favorite attraction at Walt Disney World. This is very interesting considering it took me until I was around 30 years old to be brave enough to step inside. The attraction had a few things going for it that caused me to be hesitant. First I don’t like to be scared. I have never been a fan of haunted houses and jump scares are definitely not my thing. Second I couldn’t see what was going on inside. My mind could only imagine the drops and twists and turns and ultimate heart attack causing scenarios that were inside this massive mansion. It was more than I could take so each visit I would simply skip it.

A bit of a back story here about my fear of the unknown especially when it comes to Walt Disney World attractions. I visited WDW with my family when I was around 13. I was told by everyone including my father that there were no drops on Pirates of the Caribbean. I hesitantly took them at their word and boarded the boat. At some point I heard “Hold onto your hats” and down I plunged into what seemed like a 100 foot drop that left my stomach at the top and my faith in humanity somewhere in the bottom of the chlorinated water within the attraction. I had been betrayed! Now I know you all may think I am crazy, everyone does, when I say that the drop at Pirates scares me. It just does, I don’t like drops!



Back to The Haunted Mansion where I had, understandably, been hesitant to step foot inside the attraction. Finally I decided that enough people had told me that there were no drops and enough time must have passed since the fabled Pirates of the Caribbean incident that I threw caution to the wind and rode The Haunted Mansion for the first time. I was blown away! I was filled with regret that it had taken me so long to ride this attraction. From the queue to the stretch room and throughout the entire attraction I was in awe. I could not believe that I had waited so long. Ever since then, The Haunted Mansion is one attraction that I have frequented more often than any other. I rarely step foot into Magic Kingdom and not ride this attraction. Even more excited was I when part of “Backstage Magic”, a program for Cast Members where CMs get to see behind the scenes of attractions, I was able to have a backstage tour of The Haunted Mansion and it only strengthened my love for the attraction. I was like a kid in the candy store soaking up every bit of trivia and taking in all the sites throughout the tour. Honestly I may have teared up on a few occasions.

So what is the moral of the story? Don’t be afraid of The Haunted Mansion and try not to let your kids be afraid either. I understand that children may be afraid of other factors throughout the attraction but if only for fear of drops or fast ride vehicles don’t be afraid. Our 4 year old has been riding this attraction since he was a few months old. He loves it and always asks to head over and ride The Haunted Mansio”m”, as he calls it. That’s my experience and that is my two scents about The Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World. I hope this helps when planning your next vacation to Walt Disney World!



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