Monday, February 18, 2019

COSI Columbus Ohio

We were in awe of the amount of things to do at COSI in Columbus Ohio. TPB Dad had been to the older location many many years ago on class field trips and had...

Halloween Festival Preview Chillicothe, OH

Last night we took a walk around downtown Chillicothe and down to the park to see them set up for the Halloween festival going on this weekend! Looks like it will be a lot...

Kings Island Great Pumpkin Fest 2018

We had a great time checking out The Great Pumpkin Fest at Kings Island. It also looks like Haunt would be a lot of fun at night. That is a little more than our...

Build-a-Bear Easton Town Center Columbus, Ohio

Cameron went to Build-a-Bear to get a few new friends for his 6th Birthday. He had fun choosing, stuffing, and naming his bears.

First Kings Island Visit of 2018

This has episode has been waiting in the queue to be made for quite some time. Back at the end of May we visited Kings Island to grab our passes and enjoy the park...

Potter Palooza Lancaster, Ohio

To celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter the Fairfield County Library and several local businesses around the area held a Potter Palooza event from July 31, 2018- August 4, 2018. We wish we would...

Mighty Children’s Museum Chillicothe, Ohio

The boys got a chance to check out the Mighty Children's Museum in Chillicothe Ohio. They had a really good time. Cameron really enjoyed the water area and I think Jordan had more fun...

Friends Meet-Up at Kings Island

Theme Park Brother Cameron and his friend Bebe don't get to see each other very often because they live pretty far apart. When they do get the chance they don't waste it! They have...

Columbus Clippers Star Wars Day May 19, 2018

May 19th, 2018 was Star Wars Day with the Columbus Clippers at Huntington Park in Columbus, Ohio. The Columbus Clippers are the AAA team of the Cleveland Indians. There were some fun Star Wars...

Cameron’s Playground Review: Polaris Mall Play Area

Theme Park Brother Cameron LOVES playgrounds! What kid doesn't? We decided to start a new series where Cameron will try out different playgrounds, give you a tour, and let you know what he thinks! A...

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