Thursday, October 18, 2018

Throwback #3 Downtown Disney 2009

This video takes us back to 2009.  Our love for Walt Disney World was just beginning and so was Theme Park Brothers Dad's ability to work a video camera.  This footage already is neat...

Disney Springs The Boathouse and Marvel Superhero Store

The Theme Park Brothers went to check out the progress at Downtown Disney/Disney Springs.  They were able to see the amphicars at The Boathouse restaurant as well as check out the new Superhero Marvel...

Disney Springs Orange Garage

The last Disney Springs update I forgot to include this. I thought I would make a quick 1 minute video to show the bridge between Disney Springs and the Orange Parking Garage. Yes it...

Galactic Outpost at Disney Springs: Star Wars Merchandise

This weeks Merchandise Monday takes us to the Galactic Outpost at Disney Springs. This shop is on the West Side of Disney Springs and has tons of Star Wars merchandise. You can build your...

Coca Cola Store Disney Springs Walt Disney World

If you ever wanted anything branded Coca Cola we have definitely found the place for you. The Coca Cola Store at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World has three floors of Coke Merchandise and...

Evening at Downtown Disney-Walk Across New Bridge

The Theme Park Brothers had already checked out the new parking garage at Downtown Disney/Disney Springs so this evening they were there to check out the new bridge that takes guests from near the...

New Parking Garage at Downtown Disney/Disney Springs

The Theme Park Brothers were very impressed with the new parking garage at Downtown Disney/Disney Springs.

Disney Springs FULL Walk Through w/Map Overlay April/May 2018

We try to do a Full Disney Springs Walk Through every 6 months or so. There are new things opening up there every week it seems. This episode we took your advice and added...

Disney Springs Walk Through August 2016

With all of the changes going on at Disney Springs you really have to go back every month or so and see if anything new has opened. It has been a few months for...

Car Masters Weekend at (Then) Downtown Disney June 2012

When listening to Show #111 of The Dub Dee Dub Revue Podcast "The Best Disney Events Never Created" I got to thinking about how I was sure I had been to a car show...