Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Alcatraz East Crime Museum Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Alcatraz East Museum features an in-depth look at American crime history. We may look like a prison on the outside, but inside are hundreds of crime related and law enforcement artifacts from throughout our history. When visiting...

Panning for Gold at Pigeon Forge Gem Mine

The boys had a great time panning for gold at Pigeon Forge Gem Mine in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. You can purchase a certain type of bucket which ranges in price and then you pan...

Margaritaville Island Inn Pigeon Forge Review

We had a great stay in Pigeon Forge at the Margaritaville Island Inn. We weren't quite sure which hotel it was that we were staying at but we knew it wasn't the main Margaritaville...

THE TRACK (GO KARTS) Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

On our vacation we went to The Track so that the Cameron could ride some rides and Jordan could do the Go Karts. The boys also spent some time in the arcade. They had...

Adventure Park Zip Line Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Papaw Darren went Zip Lining at Adventure Park in Pigeon Forge Tennessee and we went to cheer him on. Here are some of the highlights of what we could see! Thanks for Watching!!! If you want...

The Inn at Christmas Place: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Although we weren't able to stay here this time we wanted to check it out for a possible stay in the future. This hotel is perfect for us as we LOVE Christmas!!! We took...

The Inn at Christmas Place Review and Walk Through

Christmas is our absolute most favorite time of the year. We love all of the lights and cocoa and music. We especially love Christmas movies which we will watch all year round. You can...

Christmas Place at Pigeon Forge Tennessee

We went here not once, but twice during this vacation. We absolutely love Christmas and everything to do with it. Thanks for Watching!!! If you want to see more Theme Park Brothers be sure to SUBSCRIBE...

Margaritaville/The Island at Pigeon Forge Tennessee

We were shocked at how much there was to do at The Island/Margaritaville at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We really could have spent a lot more time there. Here is a walk around at some...