Lately, Cameron has been having us guess his top ten everything. Pretty sure he makes them up as he goes along but we humor him anyway. I thought we would start sharing some of them as he comes up with them and we will see if they change over time.

This list is very strange as he actually called it “Top Ten Rides He Likes the Least” and then started at ten and counted down starting with rides that he does not like but counted down to rides that he really likes. Not quite sure what he means but here they are!

10) Slinky Dog


9) It’s a Small World After All

8) Barnstormer

7) Haunted Mansion

6) Alien Saucers

5) Toy Story Midway Mania


4) Tea Cups

3) Soarin’

2) Star Tours

1) Smuggler’s Run


Stay tuned for the next Cameron’s List!