I almost did it again. Very close to starting another “collection”. You see Mtn Dew came out with an entire line of plastic bottles for their DEWnited campaign and I could hoard, I mean, collect all fifty different State bottles. I must do it! It meets all the criteria that I love about a collection:

  • #1 There is a clearly defined end game. (50 total bottles)
  • #2 I can clearly see what I am buying while at the store (No blind buying like baseball cards for example)
  • #3 It was something that I was going to buy anyway (No added cost to me) So why is this a bad idea?

Let’s take a minute to discuss the hidden costs of obtaining and curating this collection. Instead of grabbing the first six-pack on the shelf, I now need to check each bottle and ensure that I don’t already have any of the six. Towards the end, you know that I would be one of those people trying to switch bottles from one six-pack to another. No thank you! I would rather not be that person. Once I have collected all of them, where do I display them? They aren’t the most beautiful things to look at. Someone took a great amount of time designing them, I’m sure, but they are green plastic bottles. Do I line them up on a shelf? I may need to spend a bit more time thinking this through…

After much thought, I believe I have figured out how to display them. Now I will need to keep them dusted off while on display. Just a necessary part of displaying anything in your home. It is going to collect dust. We will be moving to a new place here in a few months so I will need to pack up the bottles and find the perfect place to display them at the new home. Every time we move, I will be carrying these bottles around. After I spend all of this time and effort collecting and curating my Mtn Dew bottles I will inevitably grow attached to them and even if at some point along the line I decided that it would be better to part with them, it will cause considerable anguish. Let’s say I am never able to dispose of the collection. My children will then be forced to make the decision of whether they will continue with the burden of these bottles or let me down. Passing on the anguish to my children?

I have overlooked some other issues like whether the other members of the family who share the space would like to look at a collection of Mtn Dew bottles or if this is keeping me from doing what is right and lowering, or cutting out completely, my consumption of Mtn Dew. Ultimately, I have made the decision that all this time, effort, energy, and possible burden to my family is not worth the temporary high that comes from collecting and ultimately completing a collection. For me, collecting can be like a drug. It can cause me to not see correctly and have lasting consequences.

*After writing this post, I researched the DEWnited website and found that there is a reward for finding all 50 States. What does this mean? Guessing it means that one or more of the States will be next to impossible to find. I also started seeing bottles show up on eBay. What does that tell you? This collection could have been more frustrating than even I had imagined!