Something We Love: The Things I Love YouTube Channel


We always love sharing great content creators with you. We know what it takes to make content and how hard people work to produce it. When I came across this YouTube Channel I first thought how the creator managed to find a way to do what I have been trying to do for years, which is to have a channel where he can share anything and everything. There is no set genre or niche that has to be followed other than being associated with him as a person going through life. I love the concept so much and am completely jealous that he figured it out. Idea and concept are just the first step. This channel seems to be very thought out and putting into place many concepts that we have taken 4 years to put into practice.

I will not be surprised if Things I Love YouTube Channel does not quickly gain subscribers and views to the point where they pass us up! Some things that I have noticed that set them up for success: Great setup to record shows, consistent content, ease of talking to the camera and connecting with the audience and ability to connect with many different types of people, not restricted to a specific niche. A lot of people think that you have to nail down a niche but I think it is entirely possible to not narrow down if you have a good foundation for the channel. I believe that this channel does.

I am very excited to continue to follow this channel and see what happens. I am sure that I can point to this article when they hit 10,000 Subscribers within a year and say, “See I told you all!”

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