Just Out ‘n About: Sea World Orlando FL | Manta, Kraken, Mako and Infinity Falls


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Dawn and Tyler spend a day of their Orlando vacation in October 2018 over at Sea World Orlando. The original plan was to spend half a day there and head over to Aquatica, but riding the rides at Sea World was such a blast, the day was spent there. We started off the day just right by riding Manta, and what a ride!! The best place and most forceful (if that’s what you are looking for) on this ride is the back row! Next we explore some of the animal exhibits, sting rays and manatees, as we head towards Kraken. We take our ride on Kraken, then stop off to feed (and talk to) the seals and sea lions while making our way to Mako. After riding Mako, we finally (and this was the main goal for this visit) make it back to Infinity Falls. But, we hit a few obstacles (this is nothing new for us… anytime there is a new ride we are trying to make it on we run into issues!!). While waiting to return to Infinity Falls, we make our way back over to see how wet we will get on Journey to Atlantis. And finally at the end of our day, we DO make it on Infinity Falls. What a GREAT rapids ride and an awesome addition to Sea World Orlando!! Please be sure to LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE for more of our adventures at Just Out “n About!!