Disney’s Pop Century Resort


Disney’s Pop Century Resort is at the top of the list for most people’s favorite value resort. We can definitely see why! There is so much to see and do, with each section having its own larger than life icons and theming that matches the decade perfectly!

We start with the first decade represented at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, the ’50s! Records and transistor radios adorning the building, a giant jukebox, and a bowling pin pool are some of the things you will find here. You will also find a larger than life Lady and the Tramp!

The ’60s at Disney’s Pop Century Resort is front and center. It has the main feature pool, The Hippie Dippie Pool, as well as the splash pad for the little ones. It is right in front of the main building and is in the middle of the action!

Play inside a giant foosball table in between a giant Mickey Mouse phone and a giant Big Wheel. This along with larger than life 8-track tapes are what you will find in the 70’s at Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

At Disney’s Pop Century Resort the 80’s and 90’s are off in their own little world. The 90’s only has one building with giant cell phones and a laptop computer. The 80’s buildings use giant Rubix Cubes as the stairwells and larger than life walkman and Roger Rabbit! This area also has a quiet pool themed after a computer.

The lobby at Disney’s Pop Century Resort is filled with shadow boxes of memorabilia from the 1950’s-1990’s. At Everything Pop you can find plenty of merchandise as well as a food court with an ice cream station.

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