For as long as I can remember I am drawn to improving myself. I know that I will never be complete and that my journey should be constant. I don’t want to stagnate and do the same things that I have always done.

Because of this I often seek out documentaries, blogs, podcasts, etc. that offer a different way of looking at things. I have been fascinated by the financial teachings of Dave Ramsay several times in my life but really have nothing to show with the hours of listening and reading. I went through a time where I found great value, relaxation, and clarity from reading Tao Te Ching and studying some of the philosophies of Taoism. Right now I am fascinated with Minimalism and have been pouring into this particular mindset.

While I am happy to add value and enlightenment to my life by learning from different perspectives I believe that I have implemented very little of the strategies that I have been ingesting. I agree with the philosophies and the behaviors but I apparently don’t believe that I can find a place for them in my life or maybe I have been approaching things in the wrong manner.

Interestingly enough the struggle that I am having in implementing these behaviors that I believe will add value to my life is also a form of “self-help”. Is that where I should start? Should I seek other resources that can help me to better implement new strategies to improve my life?

Are there any resources that you think would be helpful in my journey?

How do you implement changes in your life so that they stick?


  1. I think that, as humans, we are in a constant state of self-improvement. There is no one cure-all, fix-all. What may work for may not help me at all. We also live in a society in which asking for help is frowned upon, and that help, from family, friends, or even professionals, may be the very thing we need most.

    • I guess I just have a hard time getting any of these ideas that I know would be good for my life to stick. There is influence from others around me that may make it very difficult to implement some things as well as other issues. I’m just curious how to make some life changes without impacting, too much, the people around me.

  2. I think it’s hard to make changes, especially if you’re in a family unit, that don’t impact others. Diets, for example, work better in my mind, if my family participates. There would be too much temptation otherwise. Some other lifestyle changes function in the same way. For example, me trying to be more present to those around me can be done with little negative affect on others. Trying to live a minimalist lifestyle requires a lot from my family, and for them to be on board to a large extent, because that needs to be on a household level, generally speaking.

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