The Mouse in Our House Podcast: New Series “Traveling to Disney”


Today we wanted to share with you another Disney podcast that is part of our playlist. Our friends over at The Mouse in Our House Podcast have started a series called Traveling to Disney. They are a few shows in and the first episode was Episode 71 – Traveling to Disney:  On Or Off Property? where they talked about the pros and cons of staying on Walt Disney World Property. The most recent episode Monica and Manny talk about Disney’s Value Resorts. They talk about each resort and let you know what each has to offer and their thoughts on the amenities as well as the overall appeal. Be sure to head over now to The Mouse in Our House Podcast to catch up on their new series Traveling to Disney and subscribe so that you can enjoy future episodes. It looks like they will be moving on to Moderate as well as Deluxe Resorts and covering even more information that you would need to know when “Traveling to Disney”.

After checking out the latest episode of The Mouse in Our House Podcast, check out our videos below to give a visual for all of the great information that they gave you on. Below are walkthroughs of each Walt Disney World Value Resort. You can also select each resort in our menu to see even more videos from the Disney Value Resorts, including holiday walkthroughs, window hunting episodes, playground reviews and more. There are even more episodes that haven’t made it to the website yet that can be accessed over at our YouTube Channel. Just search channel to find what you are looking for!