The Inn at Christmas Place Review and Walk Through


Christmas is our absolute most favorite time of the year. We love all of the lights and cocoa and music. We especially love Christmas movies which we will watch all year round. You can imagine our excitement when last summer we made a visit to The Inn at Christmas Place during our Pigeon Forge vacation. We could not believe our eyes. A hotel that acted as if it was Christmas all year? We walked around the hotel but we told ourselves that one day we had to stay there for at least one night.

Opportunity knocked at the end of April this year when we were heading down to Florida and thought that it would be a great chance for us to stay one night at The Inn at Christmas Place on the way. We were very excited about this stay and unfortunately, those expectations were not exactly met. The hotel common areas were amazing, just as we had remembered. The decorations, the smells, just the overall atmosphere is something every fan of Christmas would enjoy. Where we had some slight issues without stay was the overall friendliness of the staff, the strange setup of the room, and just the slight uneasiness we felt while we were there.

Let me try to explain and we will also give a tour of the hotel as well as our room. Let’s get the sticky stuff out of the way first so we can end on a high note. Interaction with the staff was hit and miss. The doormen were amazing and to be honest I’m not sure I have ever stayed somewhere that had doormen. The lady that checked us in was not the most welcoming. More the get down to business type, which surprised us because the day before our stay we received a very friendly phone call confirming our stay and letting us know how excited they were to have us stay with them. We thought, wow this is really going to be something. Maybe our expectations were a little high. Throughout our stay, we didn’t know which side of the staff we were going to see. We would ask a question and get a very curt answer with some and then others were so friendly. The consistency was just lacking.

Our room felt a bit dark and stuffy. We were able to open the balcony door a bit to get some light and air but it still seemed a bit musty. The setup of the room was a little strange to us. One of the things that we found offputting was that you could not see the tv from the table. On the not so big of a deal list, the tv was a little small but there was a Christmas Tree on top of the armoire holding it so all is forgiven there. The decor of the room was in keeping with the theme. We loved the bed pillows and comforters. Our biggest frustration with the room was the layout of the bathroom. You had to open the door, step in, carefully swing the door past you to even get to the toilet. It was very odd. It was difficult to do anything at the sink with the door open as it almost hit you while you were standing there. It was pretty but the functionality was horrible. The bed was comfortable and we had a nice sleep.

The Inn at Christmas Place, of course, is conveniently placed for a short walk to The Christmas Place across the street. This store is absolutely amazing and has about everything you can imagine that is related to Christmas. We could spend hours in this store and made three separate trips there on our last trip to Pigeon Forge. The hotel’s proximity to the store and the overall Christmas ambiance of the hotel made our stay worthwhile. We had to ask ourselves if it was worth staying again? Since we could visit the hotel any time and we didn’t really enjoy the room or the amenities of the hotel, breakfast was not as great as we had expected either, why would we pay to stay there again? We may give it another chance in the future.