What’s New with Theme Park Brothers?


    For over three years now we have taken you along for the ride as we have covered theme parks like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens Tampa and Williamsburg and more. We have taken you to locations away from the theme parks like Washington DC, St. Augustine, Pigeon Forge Tennessee and our many visits to our home state of Ohio.

    We want to continue to bring you along with us as we embark on new adventures. Some of these adventures may be quite different from our daily walks through Walt Disney World Resorts and our fun day trips to Universal. Some of these adventures may find us heading to an adventure near you! We want to broaden our horizons, find new adventures while still holding onto things we know and love like Walt Disney World. We want to find new thrills, new educational experiences, new adventures.

    When we look back at what we have been able to enjoy and experience over the past few years we feel truly blessed and want to thank everyone who we have been able to meet along the way and have made this experience what it has been.

    We want to thank all of you for sticking by us as we have made necessary changes in our lives. We are constantly evolving and with that evolution Theme Park Brothers content has definitely been a lot more sporadic over the past few months. Trust me that is about to change as we have built our foundation and are ready to move forward full steam.

    We are ready to bring you new content. Some will be familiar, we still will be providing occasional updates from our favorite places like Walt Disney World but we will also be bringing you things that you may have never seen before. Get ready because the adventure is just getting ready to begin.

    The almost 2500 of you subscribers who are with us now we want to thank with all of our heart. You are what keeps us going. You are what drives us to improve our content and provide you with entertainment that you enjoy and can share with friends.

    Stay tuned, hit that bell so you don’t miss any notifications moving forward and if you haven’t subscribed yet I hope you will give us a chance.


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