Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Construction Update April 2018


Welcome to Theme Park Brothers where today we are taking a look at the construction over at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. We have been checking on the progress for over a year now and were very happy to return this month to see how it was coming along. The tower has grown quite a bit since our last visit and they have completed more of the refurbishment of the existing resort. Looks like at the moment they are working on Casitas Building 5 and Ranchos Building 6A. The rest of the resort is as beautiful as always and the springtime vegetation makes it even more incredible. If I was to only visit one location on property when down at Walt Disney World Coronado Springs would be the place. I absolutely love walking this resort and look forward to seeing the newly completed resort next year. It looks like it will be even more fantastic than the original resort without taking away from the overall beauty and charm! Let’s take a walk around Disney’s Coronado Springs resort on the morning of April 28th, 2018!

That will do it for ourĀ April 2018 Construction Update for Disney’s Coronado Springs. We hope you have enjoyed the walk around one of our favorite resorts. If you liked this episode we would love it if you would give us a thumbs up and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to not miss a future episode. Thanks for watching and we will see you soon!

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