I have been waking up lately wondering if I have awoken from an amazing dream. Have the past 6 years of my life been real or has it been one of those elaborate dreams that your subconscious mind puts together? A dream where not everything is perfect along the way but there are so many strange twists and turns that it couldn’t possibly be a reality. The strange thing is that once I wake up as if from a dream, I am not sure if I might want to go back to sleep again or stay awake in this new reality. Not to say that anything that happened in the dream I regret or that I would change a lot of things about it, but I feel that maybe the promise of the real world before me may offer me much better results than if I were to continue the dream.

In January of 2012, our little 3 person family moved to Florida. We didn’t have jobs, we didn’t have a clue what we were doing, we just went on faith. I had taken my retirement out of the job that I had been at for quite a while and that was enough to secure an apartment (3 months rent needed to be paid upfront since we didn’t have income to show) and possibly a few months of expenses to give us time to get our bearings straight and find employment. What led to this extreme leap of faith and why did we choose Florida as the location? What was our life like in those 6 years away from our family living in Florida chasing our dreams? What challenges did we face? What victories and amazing experience did we have as a result of taking this chance? What would we have done differently now that we are looking back? These are all questions that I hope to answer through this blog.

To even start and answer this question you would need some background on my wife and me. You need to know some of the struggles we have faced, our outlook on life, and our passions and sometimes obsessions. This story will be impossible to tell chronologically as new memories pop into my head almost daily with no regard for the proper order of things. the only sensible thing to do would be to share the memories as they come back to me and then possibly a the end of all of this be able to look back and organize them in some order that makes sense.

Jordan and Me at Animal Kingdom

Each day I hope to share some memories and as I know our time is valuable, yours and mine, these memories will probably be brief snippets that when pulled together tell the overall story of the past 6 years. I hope that you come along for the ride and enjoy the sharing of these crazy adventures as much as I will enjoy reliving them. Not all are stories of triumph and great times but all are part of what made the adventure spectacular and one that I believe is worth sharing!