Disney’s Coronado Springs Construction Update Update


We started doing construction updates for Disney’s Coronado Springs over a year ago. We did our initial walk through in February of 2017 and our first true construction update in March of 2017. We were very interested in the impact that this construction project would have on the guests of the resort. This soon turned into an interest in what was to come and an excitement to see the progress each month. Many of you followed along with us and were, I’m sure, confused and maybe a bit frustrated when the monthly updates turned to every other month and then seemed to somewhat stop altogether. There is an explanation for this and that is what we are doing with this episode.

Towards the end of 2017, it became apparent that a move back to our home state of Ohio was imminent. We really missed family. Having made the decision there were tasks that needed to be accomplished so things like the construction updates at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort got pushed to the side. When the eventual move took place we tried to find ways to get the footage we needed for updates but honestly if someone was going to take the time to gather the video footage they would probably share it themselves. Our friend Rob over at PassporttotheParks.com has allowed us to use some of his footage so that we could update you on what is going on now and for us to update you on the future of the construction updates. All of the footage behind this episode is courtesy of Passport to the Parks.

So are we just done with the construction updates? We are very excited that in just a little over a month we will be visiting Walt Disney World and we will have the opportunity to do a complete and in-depth construction update for you all. We also have plans for some other amazing episodes that we think you will enjoy. To take as much time as we have to document this construction for almost a year it would be ridiculous to think that our interest would go away. We want to see this through to completion but it just may take a little longer in between visits before the ultimate trip to see the finished product! Thanks so much for hanging in there with us.

It would still be possible for us to do a monthly update but we would need your help. If you visit Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and want to send us some photos or videos that we can share with the viewers that would be fantastic. I would never want to put anyone out on their vacation but I do belong to some amazing groups where people share their photos and short videos. I would be happy to put all of those together for everyone to see a months worth of coverage at a time. Feel free to message us over on our Facebook page or shoot me an email at michael@themeparkbrothers.com.

As for now, we are very excited about our upcoming visit to Walt Disney World and the ability to see first-hand how the construction is going. Thanks for watching Theme Park Brothers and we will see you soon!

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