Located in Estes Park the Stanley Hotel is best known for Stephen King’s inspiration for The Shining; filming The Shining miniseries and for Dumb and Dumber.  The hotel is a full functioning hotel with many activities and amazing views.  It all started in 1903 when Freelan Oscar Stanley was affected with tuberculosis.  The recommended treatment at the time was fresh dry air so Stanley and his wife moved to Colorado. They started construction on Stanley Hotel in 1907 and opened to visitors in 1909.

I was in awe of the view as we drove into Estes Park. Being 7,500 ft above sea level isn’t the only thing that will take your breath away.  As we drove up to Stanley Hotel you can feel how enchanting it is. The hotel offers tours including a ghost tour.  As we walked around the inside the grand hotel I felt transported to an earlier era.

If you go downstairs, you can get up close and personal with a mini model of the hotel as well as photo memorabilia.  While in the shop with all things cherries I my own ghostly experience.  As I was walking through the shop something touched my right ear making my hair blow up.  At first, I thought an air vent had been above me blowing my hair, but as I looked down I noticed my earring on the ground about a foot in front of me! I picked up my earring while looking up for the air vent and wondering how my earring could pop out of my ear so far in front of me.  My friends and I freaking out at this moment looked everywhere for my backing and it was no where to be found.

I did not get the pleasure of enjoying a tour, however my friend and her family did, and they look forward to another soon.   While on their tour they learned of many haunting stories including one of a chambermaid and a gas leak, but I don’t want to ruin any surprises.  If you are in Colorado I highly recommend a trip to the Stanley Hotel and book a tour while you are there.