Do you want to live close to Disney World? Sounds amazing right?

I am originally from Ohio and in 2012 my little family of three at the time decided we wanted to live right by Disney World.  We would vacation to Florida a couple of times a year and fell in love with everything Disney, I think if you are reading this you probably understand and even want to live there yourself one day.  Let me start out by saying I will never regret moving to Florida, however it did take some of the Disney magic away.

When we lived in Ohio I had the pleasure of researching trips and planning what fast passes or restaurants to eat at and of course what hotel to stay at. As a family of three we would spend around $3,000 on a week vacation staying on property, with dining plan and tickets.  We thought it would be cheaper if we just lived there and got passes so we could go all the time.  So, when we moved that is what we did!  If you are a Florida resident, then you can spread your payments out monthly for your passes and we thought this was our best option at the time.  If you look up how much a pass is now for a family of 4 it would cost around $3,616.  Since we were paying around that for one vacation we of course justified the price.

The problem with living in the Theme Park capital of the world is that you feel that you need passes for them all!  So that is exactly what we did.

Just like any family you record moments in your life and child’s lives. We had all this video on Theme parks in Florida that we decided to put them on YouTube and share with family back in Ohio and it spread to sharing our videos with the world. We loved that other families that couldn’t be there felt like they were on vacation with us when they watched the videos. Now of course if you live in Florida you do not need passes to all the parks, but this is why we moved or at least that’s what we thought.  At one point we had passes to everything and yes I mean everything! Disney, Universal, Legoland, Busch Gardens, etc. We were really living the life. 

As a teacher, not making a whole lot, we had to make the decision of what passes we should give up and which ones made us the happiest.  We knew Disney was the reason we moved to Florida so we had to keep these passes and let go of Universal.

Many people ask is it more expensive to live in Florida.  I would have to answer it depends.  For your everyday needs, no.  If you plan on living here and want to experience what Florida has to offer then yes.

After 6 years of living so close to Disney World we have decided to move back to Ohio.  In the end, we realized that being around family was more important than going to a park in the afternoon.  Disney Parks have become over-crowded and we found ourselves falling out of love with the parks. We still love Disney and what it has given us, but we know that it will always be there to visit again.