“Molly Brown House Museum enhances Denver’s unique identity by telling the story of Margaret “Molly” Brown’s activism, philanthropy and passion through educational programs, exhibits, and stewardship.”

When I booked my trip to Colorado I researched fun things to do and one of the first things that popped up was the Molly Brown house.  Located in Denver, Colorado you can find the historic home of Margaret Brown, ironically never known as Molly Brown even though we all hear the name “unsinkable Molly Brown.”






As soon as you walk up to this home you have this sense of who she was and the power that she had on society. Open from Tuesday-Sunday with select hours, Molly Brown house Museum gives private tours every half hour.  I went on a very busy day, however the group is no bigger than 20 guests at a time.  You are greeted on the porch of this amazing home then continue into the foyer.  We were told by our wonderful and knowledgeable tour guide that the home of Margaret and JJ Brown was scheduled to be demolished in 1970 and a group who formed historic Denver saved the home and started restoring it to it’s original glory.  While some items in the home are not actual items that the Brown’s owned it does show what the life back then would be like.  There are many items however in the home that did belong to Margaret and JJ and they are just breathtaking. Before entering this home I only knew bits and pieces of who Margaret was, but after you leave you feel impowered and wanting to do good in this world.

For more information please visit www.mollybrown.org