Disney Content Spotlight!


We have had our YouTube Channel Theme Park Brothers for over three years now. In that time we have made a lot of friends in the Disney Community. We have also struggled to get our content out there and in front of people. We have never been ones to like to post often in Facebook groups and to be honest sometimes there is more drama that comes with simply sharing your content there than may be worth the views. We also love to find new Disney content like Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts, Websites, etc. We know there is a ton of it out there but we are at the mercy of YouTube search engines and iTunes rankings. This is where we want to try and help combine it all together for easy access to all of the amazing Disney content out there.

Our Goal

We want to start with Disney content but in the end feature content from other areas as well. We are starting with Disney because that is really where we feel we have the best grasp. We want YOU to send us your information so we can start featuring your content in posts, home page spotlights, etc. We want to share your content with our viewers/readers. We want to have a location where a traveler or Disney fan can type in a category or location at Disney and find content that talks about or takes you too that specific topic. It will take some time to build up the database but I think it will eventually be a great reference for everyone out there.

We have no intent of making this a pay to play situation. We just want to have a place where we can share Disney Content that we feel should be shared with our audience. With that being said there will have to be some selectivity as we are basically recommending this content.

How to get involved?

Simply email us at disneyfriends@themeparkbrothers.com and let us know a little about your channel, podcast, blog, etc. Include links so we can check it out and how we can contact you. That’s it! We have no interest in using any of your information or email address. We are not trying to do anything but gather and share with others your Disney Content. We would only be but a gateway to your content. They would still need to go download your podcast. We may embed your YouTube video but you would get all of the views and stats from anyone who watches.

We have already started sharing a few of our friends’ content like The Dub Dee Dub Revue Podcast and Theme Park Brews but we would love to add more!

If this sounds good and you would like to get in on the ground floor just send that email and let us know about your content! That is the problem most of the time. Great content is out there but How do we find it?