Located in beautiful Boulder Colorado, Celestial Seasonings is a fun and entertaining free experience. When someone says free I am all in!  I was really excited to enjoy the Celestial Seasonings factory tour.

“From raw ingredients to finished products, you’ll learn all about the wonderful world of tea and see how our wholesome products are blended, packaged and shipped.”

Before the tour itself you are grouped together by a specific type of tea, which they hand you when you walk in.  While you wait for your tea group to be called you can enjoy samples of many different teas.  This is a great way to try out some flavors you may not have purchased on your own because you like to stick with what you know.

When they call your tea group you sit in a theater and watch a short film of how Celestial Seasonings got started. Before walking into the actual factory you are given a hair net which of course is always a good look and makes for funny photos.






As soon as you step foot in the factory you can smell the aroma of the many kinds of tea leaves. I actually learned some really cool facts about tea, but my favorite part was the mint room.  The mint room is shut off like a garage and the door can only be open for a short period of time because the smell is so strong that it will attach itself to other teas. We were warned before entering that the smell is so strong that we shouldn’t touch our eyes and that we should just keep blinking.  It definitely took your breath away, but smelled so yummy.






After going through more of factory where they package the tea, which wasn’t functioning that day because it was weekend, you are let out into the gift shop.  The gift shop was huge and had a lot of unique gifts and of course many options of tea.

I recommend Celestial Seasonings factory tour if you are ever in the area, but I would go early Monday-Friday.  I went on a Saturday, as mentioned above part of the factory was not functioning and also the Celestial café was not open.

If you would like to know more please go to http://www.celestialseasonings.com/visit-us