Disney Transportation This or That: Magic Kingdom to Port Orleans Riverside


There are multiple ways to get from point A to point B at Walt Disney World. Some of the options are monorail, boat, bus, driving yourself or walking. We are always trying to figure out what may be the best way to travel to and from areas at Walt Disney World. The thing is that the fastest way may not always be the best. We may want to trade a few minutes for the experience you can have on the other mode of transportation.

This episode we were traveling from Magic Kingdom to Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort. TPB Mom had a photo shoot on location at Magic Kingdom and Riverside and the rest of the TPB family tagged along as usual. This was a great opportunity to get in a This or That episode. See which was the fastest and maybe more enjoyable option. There wasn’t much video on the bus portion this time but next time we will make sure that is a little better.

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