Cameron’s Playground Review: Righteous Reef at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort


Theme Park Brother Cameron LOVES playgrounds! What kid doesn’t? We decided to start a new series where Cameron will try out different playgrounds, give you a tour, and let you know what he thinks!

Today’s playground is the Righteous Reef Playground at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. This is mainly a large reef with a few different slides. It is behind The Big Blue Pool and is a great spot for the kids to burn of some energy still remaining at the end of a day at the parks. There are plenty of benches around the playground for parents to sit and watch.

Cameron had guests with him on this review and they were his great friends Bebe, Jude, and Lucille! He had such a great time he didn’t want to leave. He still asks when they will come back and visit. Thanks to them for joining us and having a great time!

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Bay Breeze by FortyThr33
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