Window Hunting at WDW Episode 3 All-Star Sports


This week we hit the mother load of decorated windows. We visited Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort during a dance competition! Every squad seemed to have their own theme when decorating their windows. We hope they had a great time and wonder if any of these teams took home the trophy? Please let us know in the comments!!! We love to decorate our window when we stay in a Walt Disney World Resort and we love seeing the windows that others decorate. One of our favorite things to do on a weekly basis is to visit Walt Disney World Resorts and just walk around. We decided to join the two together for a new series. Each week we will visit a different resort and hunt for decorated windows. We will pick the window that we liked the best and give the viewers a chance to comment their favorite as well. If you happen to see a window or want us to check out one you decorated comment hear or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.