We all want that perfect tip for making the most of our family vacations to the Walt Disney World Resort.  We read blogs and websites like this to find that one morsel of information that might be the best piece of advice that we have ever heard.  While I am quite sure that this advice does not exist because it really would be tailored to the individual, I do believe that I have finally acknowledged a tip that my wife has been urging me to follow for years.  This tip may change the way you think and will definitely change the landscape of your next Walt Disney World vacation.

Do not spend your time taking countless pictures or video of Walt Disney World.  Spend your time taking countless pictures and video of your family, your children, yourself enjoying Walt Disney World!  That is it!  Simple as that!

I know we all think that we are shooting family vacation documentaries and we need to capture the events going on around us so that we can enjoy them over and over again, but is that what we end up with in the end?  Today I could go onto YouTube and find at least 100 videos of anything that I could shoot at Walt Disney World but done 100 times better!  The only thing that these people are not doing well is capturing my family’s response to these events.  That is my job!  That is where my wife and I come in.

A little over a month ago I was watching a home video of our first few trips to Walt Disney World and I was begging my former self to just pan to our oldest son.  It rarely happened.  I was so mesmerized by what was going on around me that I thought that I must capture these moments.  I see my son every day right?  Wrong!  My son grew up so fast and it is not possible for me to go back in time and fix these mistakes.  I can, however, change my ways and not have the same regrets in the future.

We started a YouTube Channel just for our sons called Theme Park Brothers to ensure that we are capturing their reactions to everything.  We started this channel so that we would be forced to keep the camera on our children.  After only two weeks of doing this, I am amazed at how much I enjoy these videos.  I post a short video each day so I know that at the end of this year I will have at least 365 short videos of my boys.  Now I am not suggesting that you take it quite this far, but please think about what I am saying on your next vacation.


Take photos and video of your children, family, and yourself with Walt Disney World as your backdrop instead of focusing just on the beauty and “magic” of Walt Disney World only.




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